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Embassy H.I.I.

Upgrade to 21ft Round Caribbean Blue Heavy Duty Overlap Liner

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*This Product is currently available as part of a Swimming Pool Package ONLY and cannot be purchased separately at this time.

Aqua-Tru Premium Vinyl Liners offer consumers a high-quality, longer-lasting liner, and often a better warranty, which gives dealers fewer problems and more satisfied customers.

Overlap liners are compatible with pool wall sizes 48", 52" and 54" high.

There are 3 major reasons to purchase a Aqua-Tru premium liner over a low-cost commodity liner:

1. Liner Thickness:

  • Aqua-Tru Premium Liners are typically 30%-60% heavier in both weight and thickness.
  • Aqua-Tru Premium Liners have the same weight and thickness on both the sidewall and the bottom.    Commodity liners typically have thicker, heavier sidewall than bottoms. Commodity liner manufacturers do    this to reduce the price of the liner, but only advertise the sidewall thickness which can be misleading.
  • Aqua-Tru Premium Liners are manufactured with heavier vinyl material and will last 50% -90% longer    than commodity liners.
  • Aqua-Tru Premium Liners protect the sidewall and bottom of the liner from tears, rips, punctures,    and holes caused by foreign objects in the soil, objects on clothing, windblown objects, lawn care debris,    and entry system (ladders & step) contact on the bottoms and sidewalls.

2.  Raw Material Make-Up:

  • There are 3 major ingredients in the chemical makeup of a vinyl liner:   
    1. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is the main building block that goes into creating vinyl liners. PVC makes up 50%-60% of the total raw ingredients.   
    2. Plasticizer (petroleum-based oil) is another key ingredient that makes up 35%-40% of the total raw ingredients. This ingredient determines the flexibility of the liner and increases its chemical resistance      and life span.   
    3. Inert Materials (calcium carbonate – a.k.a. clay) and Stabilizers make up 11%-30% of the total raw  material ingredients.  Aqua-Tru Premium Liners have increased levels of plasticizer and low levels of calcium carbonate. Typically raw material plasticizer costs are 4-5 times more per pound than calcium carbonate.

Aqua-Tru  Premium Liners, with increased levels of plasticizer, will remain flexible during the life of the   liner providing a wrinkle-free installation and minimizing UV fading. Commodity liners use a lower    level of plasticizer (to save money) therefore compromising the quality of the liner. 

3. Liner Life Span:

When comparing the purchase of Aqua-Tru Premium Liners to commodity liners (calculated over the life span   of the liner), Aqua-Tru Premium Liners usually last 6-10 years. Commodity liners typically last 3-5 years.   Both incur the same cost for installation, water and labor

15-Year Limited Warranty

First 3 years of Embassy liner warranties are covered 100% against manufacturer defects.