You will receive an email the day your pool ships that will include the tracking number and carrier information.

When you receive your pool, inspect the packaging before signing or opening. If you notice any torn or damaged boxes, please note on the shipment receipt "visual damage" and take a picture of the damage. Do not refuse the shipment unless you call us for an approval via 412-408-3620

Open and read the Packing List that is provided with your shipment and compare it to the contents of the pallet making sure everything arrived. If you find that there are any boxes missing you must contact Pool Nation USA within 72 hours of receiving your pool. After 72 hours your pool order is considered complete and shipped in full. No other replacement boxes will be sent at Pool Nation USA's expense.

It is the customers responsibility to inventory the parts of the pool against the manufacturers packing list. We would strongly recommend this be done before the installation. This procedure needs to be completed even if you decide to install your pool months after taking possession. Pool Nation USA will assist you with any missing parts for up to 90 days after receiving the pool.

We want you to enjoy your pool for an exceptionally long time so please remember to replace the gaskets around the Skimmer and Return every 2 years. This will help in preventing water from getting between the liner and the pool wall causing corrosion.

Thank you for your purchase. Please give us a call with any questions