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Upgrade to 18ft x 33ft Oval Capri Full Printed Expandable Depth 20 mil. Liner

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*This Product is currently available as part of a Swimming Pool Package ONLY and cannot be purchased separately at this time.

Choose this option to upgrade your liner from Heavy Duty Blue Overlap to the variable depth, expandable, full printed Capri liner.  

Premium Variable Depth Liners (Up to 6 1/2 ft. or 78") feature an additional surface area of rugged sidewall vinyl for maximum depth coverage and is designed to allow for an Optional Special-Purpose Deep Swimming Area for underwater swimming only. No diving. No jumping. 

Lomart premium liners are 30-60% heavier in both weight and thickness than other liners.  They have the same weight in both the sidewalls and bottoms.

These superior liners have increased levels of plasticizers and will remain flexible during the life of the liner.  Wrinkle free installation and minimizing UV fading.

Lomart premium liners are manufactured with heavier vinyl materials and will last 50-90% longer than standard liners sold in pools today.

This liner will protect the sidewall and bottom from tears, rips, punctures and holes caused by foreign objects in the soil, on clothing, windblown, lawn care debris and entry system contact.

Lomart's quality premium liners are a full 20 mils thick on both the sidewall and pool bottom to assure superior performance.

All Lomart liners are sealed with Fusion-Weld, a sealing technique unmatched in the industry, which provides durability and supreme quality.

Remember, the first three years of Lomart liner warranties are covered 100% against manufacturer defects and a Lifetime Liner Seam Warranty!