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Spa RX Mineral Purifier for Spas 100-400 gallons

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Spa RX Mineral Purifiers are effective alternative sanitizers that work great to reduce chemicals in spas, hot tubs, fountains and water features.  Spa RX mineral purifiers use a unique blend of copper, silver and zinc ions to protect your spa or water feature from algae, bacteria and viruses.

Chlorine accelerates the breakdown of the algae, virus or bacteria cell membrane so minerals can go in and kill it.  Spa RX uses a higher concentration of minerals than other brands for more protection and a cleaner hot tub. These minerals are safe and natural to you, but deadly to contaminants in the water.

Unlike chlorine, Spa RX's solution of copper and silver are stable (ready to attack!) and able to fight what's in the water without chemical fluctuation.  Spa RX controls bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi.

For Spas from 100 gallons to 400 gallons.