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Salt Ionizer for Pools up to 40,000 Gallons

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  • Easily connects to your filter system.
  • Will work with any type or brand of swimming pool.
  • Utilizes Salt in an intelligent way - Only a small amount is used to kick start the system.

The Salt Ionizer System provides better water quality, which is environmentally friendly and safe for your pool.

One bag of salt is all most pools need.  The controlled amount of minerals released by the Salt Ionizer System does the rest.

The Salt Ionizer System provides swimming pool owners with a better quality of water while eliminating daily usage of harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.

Traditional salt systems can cause corrosion to the steel wall and top rails.

More and more pool manufacturers will not warranty a pool that uses a traditional salt system.

The Salt Ionizer System utilizes salt in a unique way, simply kick-starting the process, to provide better quality water that is also environmentally friends and safe for your pool.  It provides a controlled and testable amount of natural minerals (in this case, copper) of which the ideal range is between 0.3 - 0.5 PPM.


The Salt Ionizer System consists of a controller, a clear PVC tee and a set of mineral plates called an electrode.

The PVC tee is plumbed into your plumbing on the line that runs heated, filtered water into your pool or spa.

The electrode is threaded into the tee and is connected to the controller with an electrical cable.


The controller charges the two plates of the electrode with a precise electrical current.

As the electrical current jumps from one plate to the other through the water, microscopic mineral particles are released.

The electricity gives these particles a positive charge or "ionizes" them, which converts them into mineral ions.


Positively charged mineral ions are attracted to negatively charged bacteria and algae cells and kills them by changing their molecular structure.  The dead cells combine into chunks that are collected by the filter.


Offers such an advanced technology that is truly a low maintenance system!

The easy to use digital controls allows you to set it and then forget it!

Mineral pools are usually less maintenance than chlorine or salt water pools.  This is because the minerals are always active in the water controlling algae and bacteria.  The algae in particular is what usually gives the water a cloudy look.  Pools with Ionizers stay crystal clear all Summer, even if you forget to add chlorine, because the minerals are always in there working.