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Lochlor Miraclear Pool Clarifier

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  •  Non-toxic and fully biodegradable.
  •  Keeps pool water sparkling for up to 30 days.
  •  Aids in the removal of phosphate.
  •  Removes dissolved metals (iron, copper & manganese).
  •  Leaves no messy residue.

Miraclear Clarifier Cubes are unique clarifying agents that produce outstanding water clarity, normally within 24 hours. They work by grouping together microscopic particles that normally pass through the filtration system. The cubes are suitable for all types of filtration including cartridge filters.


For best results, Miraclear Clarifier Cubes need to be in an area of high water flow. We recommend placing the cube in either the pump basket or surge tank.

For Use In Pump Strainer Basket:

  1. Prior to dosing always backwash the filter.
  2. Turn off all power to the pump.
  3. Open the pump basket lid and place cube in the pump basket.
  4. Replace the pump basket lid and turn on the pump.
  5. Because the dead algae are collected in the filter, a backwash will be necessary.

For Use In Open Surge Tank:

  1. Prior to dosing always backwash the filter.
  2. Place cube directly in the bottom of the tank in front of the incoming water flow.

N.B. Do not allow the cube to come into contact with water outside of the pool as deck and walkways will become extremely slippery and dangerous. If this occurs, then hose off the affected area with water until all traces of the product are removed. We do not recommend that the cube be placed in the pool gutter or skimmer basket.