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iSolar Pool Heater Panel: 2 Pack!

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Two Panels Included!

You can significantly reduce the costs of heating your swimming pool by installing solar heating panels.  Solar heating is the most cost-effective way to heat your pool.

iSolar Pool Panel works by pumping water through the panel, where it is heated and then returned to your swimming pool.  The more panels you install, the faster and warmer your pool heats up.

For both above ground and inground pool use.

Raises your pool temperature to 10 degrees F or more.

Free energy and simple installation.

iSolar Box Contains:

  • Set of two 2' x 4' Solar Panel 
  • 1.5" x 6' Flex Hose
  • Two 1.5" Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Two Flex Hose Adapters
  • Panel Repair Kit
  • Two adjustable Support Stands
  • Teflon Tape

iSolar Usage Chart

Pool Size
Pool Type
Min. Pump Size
Panels Needed
15ft Round Above Ground 5,500 .75 HP 1 Panel
18ft Round Above Ground 7,500 .75 HP 1 Panel
21ft Round Above Ground 10,000 .75 HP 1 Panel
24ft Round Above Ground 13,500 1.0 HP 2 Panels
27ft Round Above Ground 17,500 1.0 HP 2 Panels
12ft x 24ft Oval Above Ground 7,500 1.0 HP 1 Panel
15ft x 30ft Oval Above Ground 13,500 1.0 HP 2 Panels
18ft x 33ft Oval Above Ground 17,500 1.0 HP 2 Panels
16ft x 32ft Rectangle In Ground 20,000 1.5 HP 3 Panels
18ft x 36ft Rectangle In Ground 24,000 1.5 HP 3 Panels
20ft x 40ft Rectangle In Ground 30,000 1.5 HP 4 Panels