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Hydrotools Small Sand Filter System

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The Small Above Ground Filter System by Sandman is an excellent choice for replacing your original Intex® pump and filter. Designed specifically for Intex® style pools, this system offers reliable construction and easy operation to keep your pool cleaner.

The rugged filter tank of the Hydrotools system is constructed of durable polyethylene, ensuring it can withstand even the harshest winter conditions and is corrosion-proof. The top-mount multi-port makes using the system and backwashing a quick and easy process.

One of the advantages of this system is its low maintenance requirement since there is no cartridge to clean. In addition to the durable filter tank, the Sandman system is powered by a 1/2 HP Dynamo, delivering an impressive flow rate for your pool while operating quietly and efficiently. Other notable features of the Sandman system include easy assembly, excellent performance, and reliability. The pump and filter are engineered to provide an optimum flow rate, ensuring clean and clear pool water. The system comes with a 6-foot cord, is UL listed, and includes a 1-year warranty.

The system package includes the base pump filter tank, an Intex® adapter kit, a 4-position multi-port valve, clamps, fittings, and a pressure gauge. By replacing your leaky and low-flow rate Intex® system with the Sandman sand filter system, you can enjoy cleaner water and trouble-free operation.

  • 12 inch Sand Filter
  • Hydro Pump
  • Filter Base
  • 4-Connection Hoses
  • 4-Way Valve & Fitting Kit