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Winterizing Skimmer & Return Plate Kit for Standard Skimmers

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All Season Standard Size Skimmer & Return Plate Kit

Compatible with our Freedom. 6" Steel, Mirage, Tradewinds and 10" Jumbo Resin Pools. 

Before you install your liner on your new pool or have your liner replaced, save yourself tons of work, money, water and protect your pool for winter with the All Season Kit.

When installed, you do not have to drain your water out of your pool to winterize!  All-Season Kit needs to be installed when building a new pool or replacing the liner, not after the pool is filled.

Your pool water will now support your cover and your pool will have far less stress over the Winter.

Kit includes all season frame, gaskets, decorative trim ring, winter plate, winter gasket, stainless steel mounting screws, return gaskets and threaded winter plug.

Order with your Pool Package, needs to be installed with your new skimmer.