Ozone Generator for Pools up to 20,000 Gallons

Ozone Generator for Pools up to 20,000 Gallons


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Dynamic Oxygen Generator for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Everything you need for a chlorine free pool!

The first proven alternative to chlorine pools.  This oxygen based water treatment program uses technology that has been proven on thousands of pools and is guaranteed to keep your pool water fresh, clean and safe.

A residual level of oxidizer in pool water along with a regular shock treatment are necessary for effective water treatment. Here’s how Oxygen Pools products work to fulfill those requirements:

1. Continuous oxidation with Ozone:  First, the patented, high velocity Dynamic Oxygen Generator automatically oxidizes contaminants in the water stream and creates dissolved oxygen in the water.

how the oxygen ozone generator works

2. Peroxide Residual: A safe level of hydrogen peroxide is maintained in the water with a regular dose of our Pure Perox brand of hydrogen peroxide. The residual level of peroxide is easily measured using Oxygen test strips.

3. Formula “O” Blended Shock Treatment: This proprietary blend contains no chlorine and plays an important part in maintaining healthy water. Formula “O” simplifies your water treatment program so you won’t need to add multiple chemicals to prevent green or cloudy water.

EPA registered Formula “O” contains four different additives that simplify your weekly maintenance: Activated oxygen powder (non chlorine oxidizer) quickly oxidizes contaminants in the water; A natural algaecide controls the growth of algae; A food grade clarifier prevents cloudy water: and a food grade stain/scale preventative protects against staining and scaling. Because the Formula contains no chlorine, you can swim in minutes after dosing.

The Oxygen Pool Program uses two components: A Dynamic Oxygen Generator and a weekly dose of proprietary Formula "O", a nontoxic, non-chlorine additive.

Installs onto any type of filter without special tools.  Oxidizes bacteria, algae and viruses in the pool and plumbing.


Oxygen pools are so clear and so fresh that you will never go back to a chlorine treated pool.  There is no conversion process if you are currently using a chlorine treated pool.  No need to neutralize the water from what you've been using or wait for days to swim. 

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