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19 in. Blue Torrent Sand Filter System with 1.5 HP Pump

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Larger Size Sand Filter System with 1.5 HP Pump

This high performance sand filter system will keep your pool crystal clear and deliver years of trouble free operation.

Excellent construction and reliability will keep your pool cleaner and the system is easy to operate.

The rugged filter tank is constructed of durable polyethylene that withstands winter's worst and is corrosion proof. 

Precisely engineered laterals inside the filter provide an even flow through the sand bed ensuring maximum filtration and a shimmering clean pool.

Filters are equipped with branched laterals.  This innovative design improves filtration and backwashing hydraulic efficiency.  The lateral assembly gives the filter complete coverage of the bed, utilizing more area of the filter media for filtering process.

The top mount multi-port provides for easy use and quick back washing.  Comes with 1 1/2" threaded ports.  


  • Easy assembly and efficient performance.
  • Pump and filter are perfectly engineered to provide optimum flow rates that promote clean water quality.
  • High efficiency pump lowers system cost and ensures years of quiet operation.
  • Extra large hair and lint pot for easy cleaning.
  • UL Listed.

System Includes:

  • Full Base Filter Tank
  • 6 Position Multi Port Valve
  • 3 ft. Connection Hose
  • (2) 6 ft. Return Pool Hose Connection
  • Clamps
  • Connection Fittings
  • Pressure Gauge
  • 1.5" Threaded Ports
  • 1-Year Warranty