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Perma 25 Esther Williams - Johnny Weissmuller Liners - 48" & 52"

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Our custom-made special beaded replacement liners are crafted using 100% virgin material, which is vulcanized to achieve the highest possible tolerances. Through vacuum sealing, high-pressure heat bonding, and superior lap welded seams (as opposed to butt-welded seams), this liner ensures years of worry-free service in your pool.

It's worth noting that your Esther Williams or Johnny Weissmuller pool is no longer in production. You may or may not be aware that these pools require a specific type of beading on the liner. Regular liner bead will not be compatible with your pool.

Liners are manufactured by using a high-frequency, molecular weld in its fabrication. This process produces a seal that is stronger than the material itself. High-frequency welds are normally only used for custom in-ground liners that cost thousands of dollars.