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10-Year Warranty!
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24 in. Aquaview Sand Filter with 1.5 HP Variable Speed Pump

SKU: 0-1409-020 / BT-IGV 150
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  • High Density Polyethylene 24″ (O.D.) Dia. Tank
  • 7 Position Valve
  • 2 ea. 11/2″ x 8 ft. & 1 ea. 11/2″ x 32″ pump to filter pressure hose
  • 3.14 sq. ft. surface area
  • Sand Capacity–300 lbs
  • Free-standing filter design
  • PowerLine™ XP Pump Series — 1, 1½, 2 hp
  • Injection molded, structural ABS filter ring base included


  • Uses #20 grade Silica Sand
  • AquaView’s superior sand system combines better filtration with easy-to-use operation. AquaView™ – clearly the best!
  • Seven Position Rotary Valve
  • 360° Peripheral Underdrain System – no lateral fingers to break
  • Integrated filter tank/pump base included. Separate bases also available
  • Special 10 Year Limited Warranty on Filter Tank

    Blue Torrent Variable Speed pump easily adapts to most new or existing inground sand, DE, and cartridge filters, providing a versatile solution for various pool setups. Its energy-saving capabilities are impressive, allowing it to pay for itself in less than two years. On average, a variable speed pool pump can save you over $300.00 per year in operating costs. In regions with warmer climates and year-round pool usage, the savings can be even higher. It's worth checking with your local utility company, as many are currently providing incentives of hundreds of dollars for installing variable speed pool pumps.

    This pump is designed to work seamlessly with both 2-inch and 1.5-inch fittings, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of plumbing setups. Not only does it deliver efficient performance, but it also operates quietly, contributing to a more peaceful pool environment. By reducing the strain on your pool's filter system, this pump helps extend its lifespan, saving you money on maintenance and replacements.

    Featuring a built-in controller, the pump automatically regulates RPMs (rotations per minute) to optimize energy usage based on your pool's specific needs. The motor is designed to run cool, thanks to its magnetic sync technology, which eliminates the risk of burnout and ensures long-lasting performance. On average, the seasonal cost to operate this pump amounts to $61.00, providing cost-effective operation throughout the pool season. Additionally, the pump comes with a three-year warranty, offering peace of mind and protection for your investment.