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200 Sq. Ft. Pro Clean Cartridge Filter Tank

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Improved Features for Efficiency, Serviceability and Energy Savings

The Pro Clean Filter has increased cartridge surface consistency to block and trap particles as small as 20 microns. the result is picture-perfect pool water and lower energy use.

Continuous high flow internal air relief is operational only when there is unobstructed flow in the circulating system. The Pro Clean Filter is nearly 50% more energy efficient than other single-cartridge filters.

Ergonomic handle makes lid removal easier. Horizontal stainless steel gauge protected by recessed pocket. Double o-ring manual air relief. Redesigned lock-nut with double locking mechanism provides ease of serviceability.

Fiber-reinforced lid and UV resistant material for body and lid.  Larger drain ports. improved internal inlet diffusers allow more water across cartridge surface for increased filtration efficiency and energy savings.

200 Sq. Ft. has 32,000 Gallon, 8 Hour Turnover for Min Run Cycle for Your Pool