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110,000 BTU Moov Electric Inverter Heat Pump

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The Full-Inverter Heat Pump with Variable Speed

Thanks to Moov's full-inverter technology, the product adapts the speed of its compressor from 20% to 100% unlike traditional heat pumps which only operate at a single speed until they reach the desired temperature. The result? A much lower operation cost and a more accurate and durable technology.

When the swimming season first starts and heating demand is high, the inverter runs at 100% compressor and fan speed for fast heating.  When maintaining the pool temperature, the inverter runs at a low speed to save energy with higher COP and lower sound pressure.

50% Higher Energy Savings

The average COP is 8 at Air 80°F / Water 80°F / Humidity 80%, which means 1kW of electricity consumption can provide up to 8kW of heat in return.  Traditional on/off heat pumps usually provide 5kW of heat as their COP is just around 5.

Quiet Operation

Thanks to the quiet DC Full-Inverter Compressor, the Moov Inverter will offer you the most quiet operating sound range of its category, on average 7 times quieter.

Soft Start

When the inverter turns on, the current will start from O A and go up gradually to rated current in under 2 minutes.  This won't affect the home electrical system compared to traditional heat pumps which start at a higher current and therefore have a higher energy consumption.

Other Perks of a Moov Heat Pump

Twin-Rotary DC Inverter Compressor, based on a "Twin Mechanism" innovation solution, two rotors operate together to balance the torque for anti-shaking.  It leads to higher efficiency and quieter operation.

Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger, enlarged 30% heat exchanging surface area.

HP-Booster Technology, enables COP 20% higher than other on/off heat pumps on the market.

Swimming Pool Sizing

 Model Number Max Pool Volume (Gallons)
MI500 14,000
MI650 18,000
MI900 28,000
MI1100 32,000

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