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Clearview Drop Out Water Flocculant Quart

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  • Clears cloudy pool water
  • Settles out dirt and particles
  • Easy to use
  • Contains no alum
  • One quart treats up to 40.000 gallons of pool water

Drop Out is a liquid product that will effectively flocculate, or "drop down" organic and inorganic particles suspended in the swimming pool water.  Drop Out Flocculant is a water clarifier that coagulates suspended particles and clears cloudy water.

Clearview Drop Out Flocculant is easy to use; simply allow the flocculant to sit overnight in your pool and vacuum it up the next day.  Use for weekly maintenance to prevent pool water from becoming cloudy or turbid.

Directions for Use:

  • The PH must be 7.2 or higher for this product to work effectively.  Before using Drop Out, test pool water PH with a reliable PH test kit and adjust the PH to 7.2 or greater if necessary.
  • For highly turbid (cloudy) pool water, dispense approximately one quart (32 ounces) of Drop Down per 40,000 gallons of swimming pool water evenly over the water surface.  Allow the pool pump to run for approximately one hour, then shut off the pump.  Allow the flocculant to settle to the bottom of the pool overnight and then vacuum it out to waste.
  • Drop Out Flocculant may be used as part of weekly pool maintenance to prevent pool water from becoming cloudy or turbid.  Apply eight ounces of Drop Down per 40,000 gallons of pool water directly into the skimmer or around the pool perimeter while the circulation system is in operation.