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26 in. Carefree Sand Filter System with 1.5 HP Variable Speed Pump

SKU: FA0629 | AC-BT-IGV150
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Carefree Top Mount Filter System with 1.5 HP Variable Speed Pump

Designed for extra sand holding capacity. Made of corrosion proof polymeric thermoplastic. The carefree sand filter offers the ideal combination of high performance and excellent water clarity. This filter is an excellent choice for above ground or in-ground pools.

Polymeric Thermoplastic Tank with Multiport Valve, Clamp Style

Our process creates a one-piece, polymeric thermoplastic tank with superior strength and durability. Carefree top mount filters are equipped with a six-position, top-mounted multiport valve.

The Carefree Filter’s time-proven internal design ensures water is exposed to a maximum surface area of sand for optimal filtration performance and more efficient backwashing.

Meanwhile, the flow system design also ensures maximum run times between backwashing to save you time.

The Carefree Filter Tank is constructed from polymeric thermoplastic reinforced material to deliver unmatched strength and durability for years of service.


  • Large filter with extra sand-holding capacity
  • Durable roto-molded oval tank body distributes pressure evenly, resulting in greater strength and longer life of the filter.
  • One-piece corrosion proof body
  • High flow internal diffuser for even water distribution
  • 7- function top-mount multi=port valve with split-nut lock union
  • 1.5 inch drain port
  • Mounting base included
  • 33,600 gallon 8 hour turnover for min run cycle for your pool

    1.5 HP Blue Torrent Variable Speed Pump

    These pumps pay for themselves in less than 2 years!

    Easily adapts to most new or existing inground sand, DE and cartridge filters.  On average, a variable speed pool pump can save you over $300 per year.  

    In warmer climates where pools are used year round, the savings can be significantly higher.  Check with your local utility as many utilities are offering hundreds of dollars in incentives for variable speed pool pumps.

    This pump will work with 2 in. or 1.5 in. fittings.  It runs quieter and prolongs the life of your pool's filter system.  Built-in controller to automatically regulate RPMs.  Cool running magnetic sync motor eliminates burn out.

    Average season cost to operate is $61.00

    3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty