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Flash Sale! Simple Salt Ionizer Now Included with ANY Pool Package! Add to package - Discount taken at checkout.

21' X 54" Mirage Round Resin Frame Salt Pool w/Standard Size In-Wall Skimmer

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54″ Mirage 8" Resin Frame Salt Pool

Manufactured by one of the leading above ground pool companies, Mirage combines excellent quality and durability with a very affordable price.


Our durable 8" resin top rails and 8" resin upright foundations provide a heavy duty structure for many years of service.  Deluxe 2-piece resin seat covers give the Mirage a maintenance free finish.

Mirage top and bottom rails, uprights and connecting plates are made entirely of non-corroding resin.  This is a pool for all weather conditions.  Because resin is non-corroding, there are no coatings to apply that can eventually chip, crack or fade.


Salt water pools will not have the harsh smell as traditional chlorinated pools.  This system is easier to maintain and your swimsuit will not be bleached out.  A salt water pool will contain 10 times less salt than when you swim in the ocean.

Effective and convenient alternative to conventional chlorine pools, meaning no more buying chlorine, shock or algaecide.  No more harsh chemical effects.



Mirage is set up for the do-it-yourselves.  A comprehensive installation manual is included with each pool.  Invest in a high quality Mirage pool this summer!  Note that wall bolts are not stainless steel.


All metal parts of our Mirage are protected by a Crystex coat.  Also used is a combination of zinc and aluminum coating on all metal parts to give them superior corrosion resistance.  Mirage will not chip, fade, rust or peel and is designed to look as good ten years from now as it does today.

Deep and balanced wall corrugation offers wall flexibility and vertical strength.  Mirage pool walls have more corrugation per inch then most other brands.

Epoxy shield - a premium all weather resistant epoxy coating safeguards the wall from the rigors of semi in-ground installation for years of care free service.  Why settle for anything else? 

Mirage pools are back by a 35-Year Warranty.


High grade stainless steel nuts, bolts and fasteners are used with this pool, eliminating the worry of rust spots on your pool.  Stainless hardware has a higher tensile strength than the normal hardware that is supplied with most pools.  Stainless steel is stronger and it will hold up to harsh, corrosive environments and will also hold up in place with very high or low temperatures.



One great option your pool has is upgraded top and bottom all resin track.  Bottom rails are very prone to rust if metal because they are constantly exposed to the minerals and elements in your soil.  Without rimes, your pool wall could bow out or you could have a complete wall failure.

Resin bottom track will provide your pool with an excellent foundation to erect your swimming pool.  This is the most commonly replaced part on older pools.  Your top rails are all resin to guard against corrosion due to usage of salt systems.

Premium-gauge resin is used for all of Mirage bottom rails to ensure a long, trouble free life.  Plus, the added benefit of a corrosion-proof structure that will outlast any steel pool available.

U.V. Inhibitors imbedded in the resin provide additional protection against the elements.  From the internal ribbing in the top seat to the multiple layers of protective wall coating, this pool is designed for rugged durability and years of use.


Walls are all finished with a Galfan finish.  Galfan is a metal based material that is used in heavy duty industries, like the automotive industry.  It stands up to the regular wear and tear with a unique balance of malleability and sturdiness.

Galfan coating features excellent corrosion resistance.  Galfan coating is produced on both sides in a continuous hot-dip coating process.  It provides corrosion protection for a areas of high exposed areas and offers full corrosion protection because of its low-friction and tightly bonded coating.

Galfan coating is composed of 95% zinc and 5% aluminum.  It has a eutectic structure leading to its excellent ductility and thin intermetallic layer at the coating interface, guaranteeing excellent coating adhesion.

Galfan was developed around 1980 at the Centre De Recherche's Metallurgies (CRM) in Belgium under the sponsorship of the International Lead Zinc Research Organization (ILZRO).

Simple Salt Ionizer Now Included with ANY Pool Package Purchase!

A $399.99 Value!

Easily connects to your filter system. Will work with any type or brand of swimming pool. Utilizes Salt in an intelligent way - Only a small amount is used to kick start the system.

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